Vortre(y) Williams, Independent Film Director
    Vortre(y) Williams, Independent Film Director



Before turning to Directing, Vortre(y) Williams (formerly Trevor Williams) 

Had over twenty years experience as a professional actor gaining many credited and lead guest roles in award winning dramas, soaps and films:

Most notably seen as a  Main Role Character "Nelson" in the 2010 Palm d'Or winning director Ken Loach film 'Route Irish' which was the inspiration for him to try his hand at directing.

His first attempt 'Plenty More Fish in the Sea (POMFITS )which he wrote, directed and produced is a topical twenty minute drama.

With a zero budget, £200.00 camera, zero crew, and time constraints his first attempt at directing was a job well done by everyone involved.


His latest productions inparticular his Health & Safety video(Below) demonstrate his abillity to manage a crew and significant scenes!  Conceived on a Tuesday and filmed on the Thursday evening the film involves Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance Services along with a head on car crash, I

'm sure once you see the car crash scene you will be amazed at what he achieved in such a short time with only a £50 budget! 


His goal is to continue to direct so please consider Vortre for any directing, corporate videos or teaching in education plays that may be required.


Vortre has also constructed some topical, role-playing, teaching in education filmed workshops which he is currently promoting across schools.  This gives children the opportunity to role-play interactively and to also gain some insight into the filming industry.  


Career highlights:

Cannes premiere of Route Irish with Acclaimed Director Ken Loach (3rd left) Self (1st Left)
Directing this car crash scene with an amazing array of talented crew members
Filming in Scotland with an amazing Crew, Gaz Thompson, Adam Denby Dom Shields, Tony Hollis
Filming in Jordan on 'Route Irish"
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