Vortre(y) Williams, Independent Film Director
    Vortre(y) Williams, Independent Film Director

Short Films and Trailers

My passion is film making and my dream is to direct a blockbuster, short films will do for now!


Running time 22 minutes.  

With special thanks to the cast and crew and location suppliers (Swan and Cemetary, Bury, Manchester Road Hospice, Bury.) 


'A story of turmoil, caused when a past love confronts the present.'

Full film: Insincere

Trailer: The club that will never die

Running time 28 minutes

Filmed at Accrington stanley F.C. Special thanks to all of the extras and Accrington Stanley F.C.


'When accrington stanley fc are fighting to stay alive, their not the only ones!'

Full film: The club that will never die

Trailer: Dark Castle

Filmed on location in a 13th century castle in Scotland.  Special thanks to the crew for their endurance.


'When a group of work collegues go on a team building exercise they didn't reckon on how how much the words "stick together" would come to mean!'

Full film: Dark Castle

Trailer: Departure 

Running time 12 minutes.  

Special thanks to 'Our Annie!'


'When loved ones depart and dont want to leave!'

Full film: Departure

Full film: Plenty more fish in the sea

Running time 31 minutes

A very Special thanks to all involved


'Wondered what dating sites are like? Some people wish they hadn't.'


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